History of Irvine, CA

If you are looking for a great place to play golf, the History of Irvine California is a great place to start. This area of Orange County is located just north of Los Angeles and south of San Diego. It was here that the “Irvine Model Railroad” got its start. The first layout of this type of train was created about a century ago as an experimental rail line to serve an agricultural community in the area. Today, it is one of the most impressive and popular railroad layouts in the world.

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The History of Irvine California has many interesting stories to tell about this fertile agricultural region. Some of these have been featured in many films including “Lawrence of Arabia.” Others are true facts. Some of the local events include the annual Orange Blossom Festival, the World’s largest Fountain and the Miracle of Life Exhibit at the museum. Many of these and many more incredible stories can be found by exploring the many historical societies in this wonderful part of Orange County. There are many museums as well as historical sites to visit and learn about.

One of the most famous local events is the annual Orange Blossom celebration. This beautiful event, which includes hundreds of balloons and thousands of bright flowers is one of the most popular events every year in Irvine. Other local events include the Lumberjack Festival, a food and craft festival, and the Garden City Beer Festival.

If you love shopping, the History of Irvine has many amazing retail locations. There are many independent bookstores, art galleries, restaurants, movie theaters and many other unique businesses in the area. Some of these include the Bakeshop, Ace Hardware, Best Western, Lowe’s, the Sports Authority, and many others. You can find just about anything here, which makes it a shopper’s paradise.

The History of Irvine California is also home to many famous celebrities, entertainers and former residents. One of the most notable is former California Governor Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy. They have a home in Irvine and although Ronald and Nancy no longer live in the area, they still enjoy coming to the shops and enjoy shopping in the many stores around the area. Another celebrity who lives in the area is the television series “Fantasy Island” which is located on Main Street in Irvine.

Although there are many fascinating facts and interesting places to go and see in Irvine, it is probably best to start your journey at one of its beautiful beaches. The beaches of Irvine are some of the most beautiful in the world. They are known for their gentle, clear waters and wildlife. There is sure to be enjoyed and a great beach experience.


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via Research Dr and Irvine Center Dr

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