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Landmarks in Westminster, CA

Landmarks in Westminster, California are historically significant and highly respected by locals and visitors. The City of Westminster is also home to a number of churches, synagogues and civic buildings. In fact, the oldest municipal building in the State of California, the City Hall, was built in 1876. The Westminster Dog Race is also located […]

Landmarks in Mission Viejo, CA

What are the most important Landmarks in Mission Viejo California? There are many. Some of them include the famous High-ranking High-class Grazi Tower, the Old Town Square, and the beautiful Hotel Solamar. The Old Town Square is considered to be the cornerstone of the community, housing the Old Town Hall and many businesses and government […]

Landmarks in Laguna Niguel, CA

What are Landmarks in Laguna Niguel California? These are special places that are officially designated by the City of Laguna Niguel. They are an important part of the City’s historical and cultural resources. They can be historical monuments, tourist attractions, or other landmarks. There are different types of Landmarks in Laguna Niguel California. You may […]