History of Huntington Beach, CA

History of Huntington Beach California can be dated back to 1857, when a man by the name of Aaron T. Huntington made an appearance on San Diego’s Gold Coast. At that time, the Pacific Ocean was just beginning to form and was still considering a beach. Huntington Beach was incorporated as a town in July of that year. It would not become a recognizable name for surfers or surf shops until the following year. Since the mid-nineteenth century, several well-known shops and luxury resorts have come to be located in the Surf City area. Today, tourists continue to flock to this quaint seaside town of California.

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The earliest of its history can be traced back to eighteen fifty-nine, when the city received settlers from all over Europe. By the early twentieth century, a new trend of business had begun sprouting up in the area. The “wood district” was created out of land that was considered unfit for farming. This was soon to become the center point for what is known today as the “Huntington Beach Miracle.” Many of the “woodsheds” that are dotted across the town today were designed and built by the “father of modern landscaping,” Hal Harder.

Today, many of these wooded areas are located in what is now known as the South Harbor. The original colony of Huntington Beach was established around the same time as San Diego. The two towns share much in the history of each other. There have been many connections to both San Diego and Huntington Beach by way of buildings that have survived from both locations.

Of course, one cannot forget the original colony of San Diego which is still flourishing today. The “town” of Aptos lies right in the middle of Huntington Beach. Its origins date back to the Gold Rush days. Aptos is also home to quite a few hotels and old homes that have stood the test of time.

In addition to the hotels and other commercial buildings, there are also museums that have taken root in the community. One such location is the Huntington Beach Art Museum. This great attraction offers exhibits on everything from art to natural history. Other local museums include the Huntington Beach Historical Society. These two groups often coordinate with one another for special events and programs.

There are many great places to eat and shop in the Surf City. A few blocks from downtown Huntington Beach, you can find the famous “Beach Candy” stands. It is located at the corner of Beach Avenue. Although it may be different than what your parents may have eaten or heard of, the stand still attracts thousands of visitors every day.

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