History of Fullerton, CA

The History of Fullerton California spans over one hundred years and was created by the legendary John Peeler. John Peeler was born in Ireland and immigrated to America where he opened a textile manufacturing company in California. It is said that it was this company that started the fire of the first free lunch movement in the US. It is also said that John Peeler’s brother, George opened the first restaurant at the very same location where he established his textile business.

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The establishment of the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company was a direct result of the textile business and it was this association of two great men that would form the foundation for what we know today as the Fullerton Company. John Peeler became the third member of the Board of directors after Robert Kennedy and David Storey. The company that was then called Fullerton had been founded to offer a wide range of services in the areas of insurance and wealth management.

A large amount of their business at the time was in the Real Estate field with many of their clients being people who were interested in owning their own homes. They had a vast variety of services to offer and this was due in part to their partnership with the Bank of America. It was through this affiliation that they were able to offer loan modifications to their clients that helped to alleviate their mortgage debt. During this period of time the company did not have any major investments and their funds were all directed towards their core business.

It was not until the mid eighties that the company did experience a growth in sales and their revenues grew dramatically. During this period of time John Peeler was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This diagnosis changed the direction of the company and they began to expand into other areas of the health industry. This allowed them to broaden their offerings to include home medical care and hospice services.

In addition to these major offerings the company continued to expand and increase their clientele. As the demand for medical care increased the competition within the industry was also increasing. In order to remain a relevant and competitive company John Peeler decided that it was necessary to find new ways to promote their business and gain a stronger foothold in the industry. He felt that the best way to do this was to begin offering direct mail campaigns. He felt that this would give the company a chance to enter markets that they may have otherwise overlooked.

The history of Fullerton Insurance is an interesting one. One can only imagine the kind of pressure that their founder must have been under as he attempted to expand his business. His boldness is responsible for the company’s accomplishments to this point and he is widely considered a pioneer in his field. Many of his original clients are still alive and enjoying the great benefits that this company offers today.


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