History of Fountain Valley, CA

History of Fountain Valley California is a long one. The area was originally settled by Native Americans and later became known as Fillmore County. Many interesting events took place in this valley during various periods of time.

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The first major event to take place in the valley was the gold rush of the 1800’s. This attracted many people to the area who wanted a piece of the action. The result was the creation of the present day towns of Lemon Grove, Lone Pine, Oakdale and several other locations throughout the area. Many well-known personalities have been to visit this beautiful area including many famous persons.

The next big event to take place in the area was World’s Fair which is still remembered today as the San Diego State fair. It was the first State fair in the west and was attended by thousands of people. This fair was the focal point for all the town activities and was to bring visitors from out of town. The area was teeming with tourists from all over the United States and from other countries as well.

There was a great deal of construction going on at this time in the history of Fountain Valley. The biggest was the construction of what is known today as the Four Seasons hotel. There were also large scale projects like the insane railroad that connected Fillmore and San Jacinto. It was one of the most dangerous feats of engineering at that time.

The last major event was the creation of the State Park. It was the brainchild of John Styles, who loved the idea of having a national park in an area where nature was best appreciated. This area still exists to this very day.

There are many more interesting events that took place in this valley during various periods of its history. Some of these are: the first ferryboat service, the first fire tower, the first school, the first general store, and the first movie theater. The State of California even created a national park for the area. This park offers hiking, boating, RV hookups, and fishing. This area has been preserved and offers visitors a taste of what the community originally had to offer.

The history of Fountain Valley can be seen throughout the community. A number of events take place that show the community and its heritage. The fountain and the surrounding landscape are sure to please with their natural colors and beauty. Whether you choose to sit and enjoy the scenery or participate in activities such as hiking or horseback riding, there is a lot for everyone here.

There are some great local eateries and shopping centers as well. The shopping centers feature a wide variety of unique items such as art, antiques, and gifts. Many of these centers are located within walking distance of the beautiful local restaurants. All of this makes this area a wonderful choice for anyone looking to find a little bit of the past in a natural setting.


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