City Parks in Fountain Valley, CA

City Parks in Fountain Valley, CA offers all of the amenities that are needed for an enjoyable outdoor getaway. Many of the city parks are located within walking distance to shopping, restaurants, and other attractions. These parks are open year round and the majority offer easy access to trails for most of the year. In addition, many of the parks are within walking distance to City Center.

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City Parks in Fountain Valley, CA provides an abundance of recreational opportunities. City Parks in Fountain Valley, CA provides: boat launches, boat slips, picnic areas, tennis courts, and kiddie pools. Public park facilities include playgrounds, nature trails, and athletic fields. The City of Fountain Valley owns and operates these parks.

Each park has a different theme. For example, one park is named after a famous serial killer who terrorized the city in the 1970’s. Another park is named for the founder of the Boy Scout troop that was based in Fountain Valley. There are over 35 attractions including water slides, bicycle paths, and nature walks. All of these attractions are free to visit.

Most of the city parks are maintained by the City of Fountain Valley. There are several maintenance projects that take place on a regular basis. One of the major maintenance projects is installing a new light display system. This light display is used to brighten up the night skies for many residents as well as visitors. Over thirteen thousand LED lights have been installed throughout the parks.

City Parks in Fountain Valley, CA also features a natural environment setting. It is possible to walk or jog through the parks, which are considered to be five miles long. A portion of this trail is set aside as a nature trail. Other trails allow for hiking, biking, or other physical activities.

The City of Fountain Valley, CA includes ten parks. The largest park is Spring Canyon Park. There are also two parks that encompass the community of Norwalk. The parks are maintained by the City of Fountain Valley. This community is on the western end of the City. All of the city parks are open for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

Fountain Valley is the county seat of Humboldt County, which is located in the Northern part of California. The largest towns in Humboldt County are Placerville, Citrus Heights, Bishop, Oakley, Plummer, Lone Pine, El Mirage, and Thermal springs. This community is on the banks of the Feather River. The most prominent water feature is the Plonzert Waterfall, which is over seven hundred feet high and is visible from any part of the waterway.

The Spring Canyon Waterfalls have been featured in many films and television shows including Dances with ants. The waters of the Plonzert Waterfall were featured in the novel “Atoms” by James Patterson. Several other popular local waterfalls can be found in the surrounding areas. Many outdoor activities can be enjoyed near the waterfalls including hiking, rafting, and biking. Guided tours are available to explore the history of the local area and natural features.

Visiting the various attractions, local restaurants, and shopping centers in the City parks provide entertainment for the entire family. Additionally, the free WPA yoga classes that are held at several locations throughout the City are an excellent way to get a cardio workout while taking a break from the city’s bustling activities. In addition to fitness, relaxing in the local spa’s or visiting the various art galleries are also popular activities to do in the City parks. The City of Agoura Hills was one of the first established suburbs of San Diego, and is a vibrant community of ethnic heritage and culture. The neighborhoods are designed around homes that are built on the hillside, and many of the neighborhoods feature Spanish architectural designs.


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