City Parks in Costa Mesa, CA

City parks in Costa Mesa, California are some of the finest in southern California. There are so many locations for you to enjoy nature and recreation in this part of Orange County, California. Some of the most well-known parks are located in the City of Costa Mesa. They are located in the heart of the city and serve as a great source of recreational enjoyment for the entire family.

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The Fuente Park is one of the most beautiful of all city parks. It is located on the edge of town, right in the heart of Costa Mesa, California. This is a great place to take the kids to have a wonderful day playing in the natural outdoors. Other attractions include the zoo, water tower and the Memorial Day observatory. You will find it to be very quiet, providing you a peaceful time to take in all of the sights and sounds of nature.

The City of Costa Mesa also has several nature parks in its city. These parks are open all year and provide you with the opportunity to explore the rich wonders of nature while strolling through the green spaces. The La Verde River State Park is a favorite among families with children. They love to sit by the river and watch the different wildlife that come out each day. It has picnic tables and areas so you can leave your kids with their toys and snacks.

If you prefer you can take a hiking trip into the La Loma Park. You will find beautiful trails that go along the beach. Hiking this trail will allow you to see the amazing natural formations that make up this coastal region. You can also find historical information about the area.

A great way to enjoy nature while strolling through Costa Mesa, California city parks is to take a car tour. The tours are free and you will see the beautiful nature that is hidden from view. As you drive along you will pass by nature parks and paths that you have likely never noticed. Most of these trails are not very steep and they do not take much time to get to the destination. You will see beautiful canyons and mesas surrounded by trees. You will see the nesting area for some of the species that come here during the nesting season.

In the summer months there are concerts at most parks. You can find a free family concert or a free community gathering. There are sometimes free performances by local bands and musicians. You may be able to attend one of these events and enjoy the music. Costa Mesa, California has several parks that are dedicated to the enjoyment of the entire community.


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