Tips For Uprooting Trees and Using Them

When you are a tree service professional or a tree caretaker, you know that when it comes to tree removal of dead trees or limbs, your main priority is safety and that means being prepared in all areas. Uprooting trees and using them for purposes other than beautification takes time, patience and knowledge, especially with larger trees. One needs a good tree ripper for felling trees or limbs, a strong pair of hands to cut branches and a hook or claw hammer to pull up dead limbs. A few pieces of equipment you may need to get started are:

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– Axe. A simple but very sharp tool that can cut through many types of bark. It can also be used to saw tree trunks and roots. You can use an axe for felling trees that have been injured or have fallen on hard ground. Military helicopters use an axe and chain saw for their initial pre-flight checkup before take off, to inspect the tree for any potential issues and for the purpose of taking apart any large branches that could pose a threat to nearby buildings, power lines, or other living organism and plant life.


– Axe. An old-fashioned hand-operated ax is a common item of equipment used by people who fall and want to get out of harm’s way. In some countries, native peoples utilize a series of rocks as an ax, while others have axes fashioned from metal, wood, stone, ceramic or leather – the choice is yours. You can use your own axe or rent one from the local rental center. Even if you’re not part of the military, many local businesses rent axes for people who want to get rid of large trees that threaten their yards.


– Skullcrawlers. The term skullcrawler comes from the fact that military helicopters will place skulls of suspected insurgents (usually) near the target area to be cleared in advance of any ground operation. Some locals might counter that they’re used for identifying bodies or as signal devices, but the U.S. military has explained that the skulls prove that the targets were present on the battlefield and are therefore valid samples of the dead.


– Tin Soldiers. The U.S. military uses two different types of demolition material: steel coil and tin soldiers. Tin soldiers are used to create barriers or as a bargle with enemy soldiers. If you use a combination of both for a faster clearing of a targeted area, you can expect to be rewarded with a quick exit by the enemy or a more intense security check by the soldiers.


– Fairy Dust. Just as tin soldiers, fairy dust can be used to create barriers or to move people out of harms way. A good fairy dust party can result in a quick exit for a soldier being targeted, an intervention by the enemy and an eventual push towards the objective you’re after.


– A Shooting Range. If you want to teach a young teen girl how to use her imagination and creativity, you can try showing her how to use a paintbrush and tin soldiers to help her shoot at targets. She’ll have a field she can practice on and expand on, and you’ll end up with an educational conversation piece for the birthday girl. Make sure you show her the correct aiming procedure and proper techniques for using the fairy dust.


As mentioned earlier, all of these are examples of how you can use real objects as tools to assist with clearing operations. A good example is how a soldier enters a building becomes a shield to deflect bullets fired at it from another soldier. Uprooting trees and using them as cover can do the same thing. A good tip is to make sure that your tin soldiers are the right size. It’s not fun to have pint sized soldiers entering a battle. Remember though, that you can always replace these tin soldiers once they’ve been used so no worries if they don’t survive the first time you use them.

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