Landmarks in Tustin, CA

Have you ever heard about the Tustin Landmarks? If not, you definitely should. This is where the city fathers of Tustin laid down the original boundaries of what we know of as today’s Orange County. The first of the modern-day landmarks was the City Hall Plaza, which is one of the oldest buildings in California. The plaza was redesigned by architect Louis Sullivan in 1916 and remains to this day a striking sight to see.

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Tustin is just one of a few areas in Southern California that were designated a historical landmark. The other area that has several of these is San Diego. San Diego was one of the first large cities in California. It is also home to one of the most notable landmarks in the state, the Gaslamp Quarter. One can visit the Gaslamp District and tour the many historic buildings and landscapes that make up this amazing area.

It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Southern California. Its roots go back as far as the nineteenth century. You will discover that many of the houses and plots you pass were constructed in this very old style of architecture. You may be even surprised to find out that the original house for the founder of the Mission Inn, for example, still stands and was built nearly a hundred years ago.

You can see a great variety of different landscapes when you visit Tustin. Some of the more common landscapes include the shoreline, the hills and the ocean. But there are also plenty of landmarks that can give you an extra glimpse into the past. Take time to stop by at one of the many of the Tustin Landmarks and take in the history while you are there.

The biggest landmark that you will likely be able to see while you are in Tustin is the San Pedro Reservoir. Here, you will be able to take a bird’s eye view of the entire city and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds the reservoir. If you like water sports, then the San Pedro Reservoir is one of the best places for you to enjoy your vacation and have fun.

In addition to seeing all of these landmarks, you will also want to stop by one of the many dining locations in Tustin. You may be surprised at the choice of restaurants that you can visit here. There is something for every taste and lifestyle. And some of the most popular restaurants are located in Old Town. The Rosewood Restaurant is one of the top rated restaurants in Tustin and many people come here for the wonderful food and atmosphere. If you love fine cuisine and live for great food and entertainment, then you will love eating at Rosewood Restaurant.


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