Landmarks in Newport Beach, CA

As Newport Beach becomes more famed and renowned among tourists, a lot of “landmarks” have started springing up in the area. Some of them are historical monuments, while others serve as landmarks today. In this article, we’ll discuss what some of these Newport Beach California Landmarks are and how you can get to them. We’ll also take a quick look at why they are considered as important local assets.

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The pier. This utilitarian landmark serves as the main access point for the public to the famous Newport Beach Pier. The sturdy wood structure has two-story buildings that house restaurants, shops and other businesses along the sea walled-off shore of the pier.

Newport Beach Museum of Art. One of the most visited museums in California, the Newport Beach Museum of Art (NMBAA) was created in remembered lass acre with the aim of presenting visitors with works of art and culture by local artists. The well-designed buildings and grounds make it an ideal place for viewing paintings, sculptures and other objects of interest. The birthplace of the Mona Lisa is also available to tour in the museum. Another major attraction in the area is the Newport Beach Opera House, which presents a variety of musical performances throughout the year.

The Balboa Park. Considered as the largest natural park in California, the Balboa Park is located on a sprawling 9 acres of land just across the street from the beach. It is one of the premiere tourist attractions in Newport Beach, being home to a number of prestigious museums and parks. The park features numerous lavish hotels and restaurants, along with its own zoo, children’s park and marine center. There are also many public access points for playgrounds, picnic areas and other fun activities.

Newport Beach Pier. The Newport Beach Pier is one of the best-known and most visited attractions in Newport Beach. Home to numerous bars and restaurants, the Pier is also home to a great deal of activity. Tourists can walk down the pier and view the beautiful skyline of Newport Beach. The ferry that runs between the mainland and the island also provides a beautiful view of the Newport Beach area.

A few of the local landmarks are even worth driving to just to see them. The City Hall, the fire tower and the clock tower are all wonderful stops if you are out of the city. But do not be discouraged by the long drive. Newport Beach is home to many other interesting landmarks and other architectural wonders that are worth taking a drive across just to see.


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