History of Yorba Linda, CA

History of Yorba Linda CA is part of the rich history of California. Known as a citrus fruit farming county, this community is located on the southern rim of the beautiful Stateolla Bay. The City of Yorba Linda is conveniently located just north of Los Angeles. It served as the starting point for many successful film and television productions of the 20th century, most notably “Gidget”.

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The History of Yorba Linda CA was formed during the first half of the nineteenth century when the country was still divided into two parts. Northern California comprised the vast mountains and desert areas, while the southern part was San Francisco. A small fishing village known as Lime Wire became the county seat of Sacramento at one point in time. This village was later replaced by what is now Yorba Linda.

The city of Yorba Linda has changed over the years as evidenced by the variety of buildings that are for sale in the area today. This includes an eighteen hundred-year-old Parish Church with four breathtaking stained glass windows. The architecture of the church is reminiscent of the Victorian age. This church is one of the few in the country to retain the original architecture of its original location.

Another building in the area is the History Museum. One of the highlights of the museum is the preserved pine cones that were used as fill for baseball stadiums in California. In addition to the pine cones, the museum also features a recreation room that serves as a restaurant. In addition to the restaurant, the History Museum offers lectures about California’s history, artifacts and other interesting historical information.

One of the most popular activities in the town of Yorba Linda is horseback riding. There are numerous places for individuals who enjoy this sport. These include the American Family State Park, the Santa Barbara County Farm & Horse Park, the Coronado State Historic Park and the Mount Laguna State Historic Park. The entire region was recently featured in the documentary “Pineapple Fever,” which you can view online.

While on your trip to Yorba Linda, you will also want to check out the beautiful beach. This area was one of the first to discover the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Many of the beaches in the area offer amenities for families along the beach such as shaded areas, picnic areas and playgrounds. There are also beaches that are private, meaning adults can hike or bike on their own. These beaches are located near the Coronado National Forest.


8 min
2.5 miles

via Yorba Linda Blvd

Fastest route, the usual traffic

9 min
3.8 miles

via Richard M. Nixon Fwy, Kellogg Dr and Yorba Linda Blvd

11 min
4.1 miles

via Paseo De Las Palomas and Yorba Linda Blvd

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