History of Tustin, CA

History of Tustin California History dates back to 18 47 when Captain William Lawrence came from the town of Uphraxville, Massachusetts on a cross-country railroad journey. He was traveling north to California to fulfill his promise to his family and set up a new life. In June of that year he arrived in San Diego and founded the town of Tustin. There he established a store for distributing firewood in the mountains and later in the next two years, he bought this very first Pacific postal road connection between San Diego and Pacific coast.

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The history of Tustin can be traced back in ancient times, as can be seen in the artifacts of the place. Among the most notable of these are the two sided die, a skull, engraved brass goblets, two earthenware cups, an earthenware bowl, a copper vase, a carved jigsaw puzzle, and a bone. These were all found in the Archaeological Park belonging to William Lawrence. They were purchased by Captain William Lawrence’s descendants and are now being preserved by the State of California.

The name of the town was changed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the year 1923, in order to shorten its name to Tustin. Its first elective representative was John Lawrence Tustin, who was chosen to represent the town at the next general election. He contested the election and later went on to serve as mayor of Tustin for two terms. His wife became the first woman ever elected to represent Tustin at a general election. The name of the city remained the same until the year 1997, when it was incorporated as a city in the County of Riverside. A new name was then chosen to honor the original proprietors of the property which is now known as Upland Park.

The most important historical figure in the history of Tustin is John Lawrence Tustin, who is a former prisoner of U.S. soldiers and was a leader of the American Revolution. His imprisonment and his death caused an uproar in England and his supporters formed a revolutionary cell. The same group later formed the First American Fraternal Order of Five. Among them were five prominent members who are remembered today as some of the best surgeons of the American revolution.

Two of the notable figures who are remembered are John Lawrence Tustin, who were born in Upland Park, CA and is known as the “surgeon to the surgeons,” and George Catlin who were born in Upland but later became a doctor in San Francisco. Both men helped to popularize the medical program of free clinics and hospitals that later evolved into what we call the American Cancer Society. Two other notable members of the History of Tustin California include Frank Giuliano and Mario Giassi, who were both leaders in the Italian community. Today they are recognized as some of the most prominent and influential historians of Tustin California.

Although the town of Tustin does not have its own airport yet it has a harbor known as Old Harbor. This harbor is one of the few in the entire country that has historic significance. Today there is a museum there featuring memorabilia of the Tustin area and also a boatload of interesting things for visitors to view on the waterfront.


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