History of Newport Beach, CA

The history of Newport Beach California is a complex one. This is a popular tourist destination not only because it has a rich history but also because of its amazing beauty. It is home to some of California’s most beautiful beaches. The Newport Beach boardwalk has been a place where many events have taken place. These events range from parades, concerts, Film events, festivals and other fun activities.

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The most extensive documented history of the Newport Beach area began when Europeans first explored the area in the 14th century. Prior to this time, Native Americans like the Juaneeno/Huron/Suwannee and other native peoples had lived in the area for hundreds of years. They constructed houses, huts, canyons and even schools. At one time or another, all these groups were included in the history books.

Today, Newport Beach is one of the best destinations to enjoy a vacation. The weather is perfect year round. In the summer, the beaches are alive with activity. Families and couples enjoy the various beach sports available. While surfing is definitely a sport enjoyed by the locals, the best place to learn to surf is at the Newport Beach rentals condos.

The area is made up of three major sections. These include the neighborhood of Ocean Breeze, the City of Newport Beach and the Newport Beach Pier. The City of Newport Beach has a wide range of activities including boating, fishing, tennis, swimming and golf. The other two sections, the Newport Beach Pier and the Ocean Breeze area, offer a variety of waterfront activities like jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling and other water activities. The City of Newport Beach also features a wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs and dance clubs. For many tourists, these three areas constitute the whole area of Newport Beach.

There are many historical places and museums located in Newport Beach. Some of them have been open to the public for a long time. There are some very old historical buildings that date back to the nineteenth century. In addition, there are museums dedicated to the history of Newport. One of these museums is the Newport-Burnett Museum of Art, which was built in Newport Beach in 1938. Here you can see original artworks by Monet, Degas, Warhol and others.

The Newport Beach Pier has also a great historical section devoted to the early days of the Pacific. You will also find an amusement park, several restaurants and bars and the well-known Newport Beach Speedway. Many tourists also go to Newport Beach to witness the annual Newport Beach Strawberry Festival. Here they can enjoy live music, strawberry music, barbecue and workshops featuring art, local history and local culture.


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