History of Lake Forest, CA

History of Lake Forest California is one of the best preserved cities in all of South Eastern USA. The City is centered around the beautiful Lake, with the hills of the mountain ranges surrounding it. The native population has long maintained a strong presence on the lake and have enjoyed a prosperous fishing and farming tradition. The early years of settlement was focused primarily on manufacturing and the gold rush, as fortunes were found in the area. As the city developed more with the growth of industry, it attracted a large number of people who sought out jobs in nearby San Francisco. Today, many of these original citizens still live there and are quite happy in their lifestyle.

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History of Lake Fredericksburg does tend to get glossed over by many people today, but that is often because of one erroneous step. This was the year the United States Congress approved the addition of a second San Francisco elementary school, in this particular area of Virginia. Naturally, the locals howled with discontent at this terrible decision, as they felt their children were being deprived of a quality public education. Naturally, this ignited the war that came to be known as the Civil War.

The local residents of Lake Fredericksburg had a strong sense of pride and used this glorious event to teach their children a very important lesson. They understood that although the country was warring against each other, they still had much that unites them. In the years to come, as the nation slowly healed and began to turn a new leaf, this proud community would rise above its bitter past to become a flourishing tourist destination.

There are many historic sites to see and explore within this wonderful area. Fredericksburg became known as the home of some of the most influential Americans, including two members of the United States House of Representatives and a vice president of the United States. Many of the original framers of the US Constitution spent time in the Fredericksburg area. The Fredericksburg Courant was actually still printing historical newspapers from the past today, but with a different focus.

Lake Fredericksburg is not only known for its lovely beaches and beautiful scenery. This historic area is also rich with historical sites. Fredericksburg was among the first cities in the United States to establish a day care center. Today this day care is still in operation, serving hundreds of children every single day.

There is no shortage of interesting history within this wonderful area. If you are looking to plan a vacation to Fredericksburg in the near future, there are many activities that you can participate in. There are also many wonderful dining options that you will want to make sure to take advantage of while you are here. So, for all of the history buffs out there, enjoy your stay in Fredericksburg, Virginia!


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