Famous People in San Clemente, CA

In the Summer of 2021 I took a short vacation to San Clemente, California. The area that is considered to be “The County Seat” of San Diego County is small and beautiful. Many famous people from San Diego and from the surrounding area have called it their home including former San Diego Mayor Jack Reed and former California Attorney General John Van de Kamp. This area has always been a favorite vacation spot for many people and is well worth a visit. Some of my favorites include the following:

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The author of one of the world’s most famous novel, “Atlas Shrugged” was born and raised in this region. His life was marked by tragedy and his death was marked by severe alcoholism. Hunter writer Stephen King lives in the area. He has written several books that take place in this scenic region and you can find some of his books at bookstores in the area.

Rock and roll icon Jerry Lee Lewis spent some time in San Diego as a teenager. He went to high school and then to college in California. Some of his other notable friends were also from the area including the Beach Boys, the Cars, and the Doors. As a member of The Beach Boys, he went on to sell millions of records as well as touring the world.

actor George Clooney is another resident of this area. He has made two films that have been made into blockbusters and one of them, “Sneakers,” was made in San Diego. He resides in Encinitas with his wife and children.

Pro football player Junior Seau was born and raised in San Diego. He is well known throughout the United States for his leadership as a player for the San Diego Chargers as well as his five seasons with the Dolphins. Another celebrity who is a native of the area is former WWE and WCW star Hulk Hogan. He is well liked in the SD area as a local TV news anchor. He has also been involved in many community endeavors including running for mayor in 2021.

A few of the other well-known people in the area are the heirs to the Johnson family, which owns the NFL franchise that is the Chargers. Jon Bon Jovi, the former singer, has a home in Encinitas. Reggae superstar Boyz II Menie and the late Jerry Lee Lewis are also from San Diego. In fact, there are so many famous people that come to San Diego that it is hard to name it all down. Famous residents of the City include former San Diego Mayor Jerry Rice and actor Danny Glover.


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