Famous People in Newport Beach, CA

The list of famous people from Newport Beach can make your head spin with all the names that are included. This area is best known for its legendary attractions, but there is a long history here too. The original British pioneers started out in Newport and built one of the most beautiful English mansions. They named it Mount Newport after their king.

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William Wordsworth is one of the most famous authors to come from Newport Beach. He lived in this community for almost his entire life and worked on many of his masterpieces here. Also at the top of the list is Benitoite lady, Frances Winters. She was a famous beautician and writer, who lived in this area almost as long as William Wordsworth.

Another famous person in Newport Beach is the musician, Jerry Lee Lewis. He is well-known for his songs “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and “I’m a Believer.” A lot of his fans live in this area and they show him love wherever he goes. His fan base extends all over the world.

When you think about the city of Newport Beach, what do you see? Of course, you would see the Pacific Ocean and the famous Newport Beach pier. The other thing that comes to mind is the Newport Beach Jazz Festival. It is one of the biggest music festivals in the nation every year. Newport has also hosted some of the biggest musical shows in the history of the world, such as The Beatles. Newport has also been the setting for some of the best movies ever made, including “Jurassic Park.”

When you get tired of these famous people, then you need to get a new hobby. But don’t worry, because there is plenty to keep you interested. For example, you can spend your free time learning how to fly a plane. Or maybe you want to become an artist, working in the museums or galleries around town.

If you take a vacation in Newport, you can find all kinds of great entertainment. The best part is that the weather is wonderful most of the year. So you can really experience the lifestyle of these famous people while you are enjoying yourself. No wonder why many people travel from all over the world just to visit this beautiful part of southern California.

While you are visiting the famous people in Newport Beach, don’t forget to check out the beautiful beaches. Many famous people chose to spend their golden years at the beach. In fact, they call it “the surf city” and it has a lot to offer visitors who visit its beautiful shores.

One of the most famous people in Newport Beach is Jerry Seinfeld. He is an actor, stand up comedian, writer and producer. When he wanted to get into show business, he knew he had to move to California. He rented an apartment on Broadway near Knutsford Boulevard, right in the heart of the district. Now, the apartment is home to one of the most famous shows in the country.


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