Famous People in Garden Grove, CA

There are many famous people from Garden Grove California to be found walking the streets and neighborhoods of the City. Known for their large stature and intimidating looks, these are people that can be considered icons of their time. Some of the most well-known of these famous people are the following:

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John F. Kennedy – One of the most famous American presidents, John F. Kennedy is well known for his dramatic, upright appearance and unforgettable quotes. Known for his often off-the-wall style and intelligence, he was also famous for his passion for cigar. It was said that he would light up whenever he had a serious problem or issue on his mind. He was also extremely generous with his time and often gave away his expensive cigars as gifts to people and organizations that were close to him. Many Americans hold a candlelight dinner at his home in remembrance of his achievements and leadership.

Ronald Reagan – The former President of the United States is another well-known celebrity from California. Born in blocker California, he went to grade school in Belmont, California and earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from UCLA. Regan was a well-liked teacher and taught for many years at the High School of Commerce in Los Angeles. He served two terms as President of the United States and was later elected Governor of California. Some of his most well-known quotes include “Reagan had a great gift for speaking”, “Reagan revolutionized the way people thought about politics” and” Ronald Reagan was my friend.”

Richard Nixon – One of the most controversial US Presidents, Richard Nixon was also a famous resident of Garden Grove. Known for his often abrasive and inflammatory manner, he was an early proponent of many social and political movements and was an associate of many notable Americans. A notable example of this is his treatment of Vietnam war protesters. Although Nixon was ultimately cleared of any wrong-doings after the Watergate scandal, he left the White House in disgrace after the event. He died in a plane crash in Texas. As well as being a resident of California, he lived in Beverly Hills.

John F. Kennedy – Another famous person from California who had a notable political career was John F. Kennedy. Born in San Francisco, California, Kennedy was a bright and extroverted youngster who enjoyed a close relationship with his famous parents, Joseph P. and Marilyn Monroe. After college, he entered into the entertainment business, performing in musicals and theater work. After a spell with films, he went into politics and served two terms as President of the United States. Famous California quotations about him include “John F. Kennedy was a good man.”

These are only some of the many famous people from California who have made their mark on the world. Others who are associated with California include lumberjacks, surfers, lumberjacks’ unions, motorists and boxers. There are literally hundreds of famous people from California who have contributed greatly to the world we live in today. A number of them can be found listed below. Some others who you may not have heard of are:


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