Little Known Ways Of Tree Care

It is not uncommon for the customer to be surprised by some of the little known ways of tree services. You must have heard that some tree providers offer the old ways of felling trees and those are really costly. But, this is not the case as you will find out from experienced tree services providers. The following are some of the little known ways of tree felling that might come in handy in some future situations. Read on.

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One of the many fallacies related to felling trees is to just take the root ball of the tree and make an incision into the branch and pull it off. But, this is not a recommended way as you might cut through the bark as well and cause infection to the tree. Therefore, never pull at the tree’s branches in a bid to get rid of the dead and damaged leaves.


Many of the customers want to remove the entire tree or at least a portion of it. But, this is not possible as the roots of trees grow deep inside the earth and it is very difficult to remove them. So, you have to leave behind a portion of the tree that can be made accessible for cleaning. This can be as small as half an inch or can even be as large as a foot.


Some people also think that they can just hire a chainsaw and cut the limbs off. This is not the best idea because you can damage the limbs even more and there is always a risk of getting an injury when using a chainsaw. And, even if your customer does not get an injury using a chain saw, it is advisable not to operate such machinery near children. Children can be extremely curious and they may want to play with the exposed cords.


Have you ever heard of stump removal? It is one of the little known ways of tree felling that is also done by some companies. Stump removal is a delicate process that requires a lot of attention. For customers who are not experienced with felling trees, it is advisable to only opt for professional companies offering this service. Stump removal is not only a tedious process but there is a lot of risk involved.


Sometimes, customers encounter branches that are bent beyond repair. When such a situation arises, the branch is removed by the professionals. However, if you attempt to remove it on your own, you might cause more damage to the tree.


Another way of removing branches is to use mechanical devices that pull the branch in a certain direction. For instance, some customers like to pull the branch in the direction of the nearest road. However, this can be dangerous as the branch could easily break off and injure a person or worse. It is advisable to call in a tree feller as soon as possible to prevent any untoward incident. Tree fellers have the right equipment to do the job in the safest way.


One of the little known ways of removing branches is to use water. There are many companies that offer this service as it is the cheapest way to remove the branch. However, this has to be done very carefully and one wrong move can cause damage to the surrounding area around the tree. Water is used because the tree needs to be washed away with water and not acidulated to kill the tree or cause any permanent damage.


Trees are also being damaged by people. This is mostly because of people trying to take cuttings from the trees and selling them. The cuttings may contain harmful materials that can affect other trees or even people. It is important for people to always be safe when removing a piece of the tree. A lot of people have been hurt due to their own stupidity.


It is important to ensure that your home does not have any hazardous trees. If you find one or two around your home or garden, you can do something about it. However, if you see dozens of them all over, you should call in a tree removal company. Some companies are better than others at tree felling services and removing branches. You should only hire a company that has an impeccable reputation and plenty of experience in tree care and felling services.


There are several little known ways of preserving the life of trees. People should always ensure that their gardens are not filled with branches and limbs. They should be kept dry and well-maintained so they will not become hazards. People should ensure that the branches of trees which they trim are treated properly so they do not grow back faster than the original tree. If people follow these little known ways of tree care, they can save their trees for many years.


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